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Cudgegong Park Murray Greys and Angus




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Welcome to Cudgegong Park Murray Greys and Angus

Friday the 10th of September 2010
at Cudgegong Park “Bundara” Mudgee NSW

  • 15 Murray Grey and Angus Bulls with Growth, Fertility and Carcase EBVS, Raw Data, GeneSTAR® Marbling 4, Tenderness 4 and Feed Efficiency 4 Results.
  • 10 Murray Grey Heifers 18 to 19 months PTIC to Calve July to September 2009 to Cudgegong Park Grey Bulls.
  • 5 Angus Heifers 18 to 19 months PTIC to Calve July to September 2009 to Cudgegong Park Angus Bull.

Our Annual Sale will be conducted on property at “Bundara” Mudgee with Sale Bulls and PTIC Heifers & Cows for sale on the day from 11:00am by Private Treaty at set prices.

Note - Bulls and cows / heifers are also available privately throughout the year (Murray Grey and Angus).

Inspections are welcome, please contact us. Regards Graham Boyd  Ph 02 6373 2122


Our Steers Perform at Sydney Royal Easter Show

Murray Grey
Reserve Champion
Lightweight Steer

Murray Grey
2nd Lightweight
Open Steer

Murray Grey
1st Lightweight School Steer and 1st Carcase



2nd Lightweight
Open Carcase


Murray Grey
1st Lightweight
School Steer

Note - Every year we choose a lightweight steer (8 to 9 months) for Richmond High School to prepare and show. This steer can only be chosen from our 15 to 20 kept 1st calf heifers which calve 6 weeks earlier than the main herd so as to achieve the minimum weight of 300kg liveweight.

Our Feedlot Steers Perform at Rangers Valley

Cudgegong Park Murray Grey and Grey Angus steers early weaned at only 4 - 5 months of age have performed very well in a long term Japanese feeding program at Rangers Valley Feedlot, Glen Innes.

“The group of steers from Cudgegong Park performed well above our feedlot average for both growth and marbling, and only had 22 mm of fat after 324 days on feed. They were also one of the youngest (25-26 months) groups in the months intake. This performance shows what can be achieved with Murray Grey cattle using powerful genetics identified by Breedplan. It also shows that early weaning can be managed with no detrimental effect on ultimate growth and carcase potential.” commented Richard Eldershaw, Livestock Manager Rangers Valley Feedlot.


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Murray Greys _ Australia's own beef breed.